Sales Training

Provide effective training for your sales team and watch your company soar higher. Whether you are dealing with young sales talent or seasoned business development people, sales training with Kotivu generates results.


Standardize your training at a fraction of your current cost. Kotivu comes with all the tools you could possibly need to implement effective compliance training for your organization.


Train potential candidates with courses that offer experience directly related to their future job position. Utilize courses and tests that mirror your specific work environment in order to effectively locate the best candidates.

Marketing Training

Raise the standard of your marketing team so they are capable of performing marketing tasks faster, better & cheaper. Keep your team on top of new and traditional marketing trends and techniques.

Extended enterprise training

Ensure that all of your departments and partners understand the core processes and procedures of your organization through effective training.

Customer Training

Educate your customers so they are fully aware of your product and services. Maintain a communication channel with customers through training to make sure they keep coming back and refer others.

Partner training

Manage your partners with ease and keep them abreast of all current or changing information within your company.

Support Training

Keep your support employees up to date with company products and processes. Discover how simple it can be to train new and existing support staff.

Lifelong Training

Encourage your employees to keep up to date with the latest techniques and developments within your organization and beyond.