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Every employer requires well-trained, highly skilled and intelligent employees, who are highly competent in personal values and interpersonal relationships, an easy and cost-efficient way to enhance personal values and develop your team’s capabilities is via Kotivu Learn – Learning in Your Space at Your Pace.

Kotivu’s learning solution is designed for people to ‘learn while doing’; it eliminates the one-way lecturer-student traditional method of learning and introduces an interactive model where the candidate is an active participant in the learning process.

The Kotivu learning platform is designed for:

  • Recent graduates interested in developing their skills, abilities, interests and knowledge in particular fields, which will enhance individual success in areas of work and personal endeavours.
  • Professionals and Executives experienced in various fields and seeking to develop competencies that will keep them at a leading edge as compared to peers in the competitive world of work.
  • Entrepreneurs interested in creating a competitive and sustainable team that will result in productivity, sustainability and profitability of the business locally and internationally. It’s also suited for entrepreneurs who want to develop specific skills in areas relevant to their need and business.

Responsive Layout

Responsive design that fits any device. Scalable visual elements that are retina screen ready.

Rich communication tools

Support for Personal messages, Calendar and Discussion forums.


Work over a secure communication channel. Enforce strong passwords.

Files repository

Organize, reuse and share files with selected users.

Powerful Performance

Built on top of the most modern web standard and technologies.

Whitelabel and Branding

Use your own logo. Customize your communication emails. Tailor the system in depth to fit your precise needs.

Unlimited Users / Admins

Admit an unlimited amount of users or Administrators.


Monitor learners' progress and extract meaningful insights to help better understand and improve business performance.

SCORM & Tin Can (xApi)

Ensure that your courses and content can be tracked and reported.

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