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Discover new ways to support employees and citizens by boosting digital literacy in your community or state. Kotivu’s Digital Library web platform combines the efficacy of Content Management System and core internal process management into a robust single portal to address the challenges of students, lecturers, researchers, organization, staff, trainers/consultant and management.

It provides a cost effective and efficiently managed resource for learning and research. Our digital library is delivered and viewed in a variety of multiple access modes: over the internet, mobile app, tin client, digital vision, webinar and lecture theaters.

Cost-effective Kotivu solutions are designed to support your Institution or organization’s access to information programs which in the long term ensures you employees become better.


Responsive Layout

Responsive design that fits any device. Scalable visual elements that are retina screen ready.

No physical boundary

users need not to go to the library physically; people from all over the world can gain access to the same information, as long as an Internet connection is available.

Structured approach

Provide access to much richer content in a more structured manner, e.g. users can easily move from the catalog to the particular book then to a particular video and so on


Students can enter terms or topics, such as "APA style" or "thesis," and receive results from all the eTexts in their library, providing them with more help and perspectives.

Powerful Performance

Built on top of the most modern web standard and technologies.


Provide links to any other resources of other digital libraries very easily; thus achieving a seamlessly integrated resource sharing.

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