Courseware Development

Many training programs fail not because of the lack of value of the training material, but because of inferior delivery. The same problem surfaces in e-learning; valuable learning material is lost through poor implementation, which includes failure to address content gaps when training material is simply placed online.

Kotivu’s content development methodology transforms training material into effective e-learning courseware by integrating content, pedagogy and technology to address the problem of content gaps, providing a unique learning experience.

With this, individuals and organisations can be confident that their overall training outcomes are being met, thus resulting in a sound return on investment.


Interactive Assessments

Test your learners with flexible assessments that can be customised to your business requirement using features such as drag and drops, branching assessments, and flexible scoring options.

Professionally Scripted

Our Instructional Designers are creatives who design innovative learning experiences. By collaborating with you we define learning objectives and create training solutions based on your business needs.

Intuitive, Engaging and Reliable

Keeping up with the latest technology standards, we use a wide range of tools to create courses that don’t just look good – they provide rewarding experiences for learners.

Designed to your Brand

Our Designers work within your existing brand style guidelines to create sophisticated and logical solutions that your learners can connect with.

Accessible Content

If you require your courses to meet Accessibility standards, rest easy. At Kotivu, we can develop content to meet WCAG 2.0 Level AA conformance requirements.

Illustration and Animation

We bring your courses to life with original illustrations and animations developed by our professional Illustrators. Use characters, environments, graphs and icons in a variety of different styles.

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