Kotivu Assess

Kotivu Assess is an innovative and interactive platform that enhances proper identification of personal strengths, weaknesses and preferences embedded in individuals and professionals. Employees are most times regarded as the most important assets for business growth and sustainability, it’s therefore pertinent that job-fit mistakes during selection procedures are reduced to the barest minimal. Kotivu Assess has designed an assessment portal for individuals, groups and organisations to aid proper selection and sorting of candidates’ qualities to suit the requirements for specific job-roles which will in turn enhance the achievement of business goals and objectives.

The Kotivu Assessment Portal is:

  • Simple, easy to use.
  • Generates reports and analytics on usage.
  • Integrity of the assessment platform is assured through constant shuffling.

Kotivu Asses has been designed to measure individual competencies as required by an organization such as problem solving skills, personal preferences or personality and social intelligence.

After taking the Kotivu-Assessment, a result will be generated to give the individual insight into dominant qualities and qualities that can be enhanced via learning and training. Kotivu Asses aims to give insight into desirable and profitable qualities in people that businesses look out for, additionally, individuals have access to information that helps them identify personal strengths and weaknesses, it further gives a guide on how to develop such weaknesses- it aids personal development.


Multiple Question Format

Allow learning managers or administrators to author multiple question types including true/false, multiple choice, match, and subjective questions making sure that practical, as well as theoretical aspects of a course are well comprehended and applied by the learner.

Attaching Documents & Images

Questions can be made more in-depth with the option of attaching images or/and supporting documents. This provides variety for learners who are often tired of answering the same type of assessment questions.

Bulk Upload Questions via CSV

Instructors or learning managers can upload questions in bulk to create a question bank through CSV format. This can be easily and quickly accomplished without any added interventions from the IT team!

Create your questions

Instructors or learning managers can create custom questions and add them to the question bank. This questions are easily fetched when needed to create a new assessment test

Conduct online exams and online assessments effectively

Create assessment tests that can be accessed from anywhere and at anytime or set a time duration within which the assessment tests must be taken.

Time Limits and Automatic Submission

They can also set time-based assessments to make sure that the learners are not taking too much time on each question. Once the assessment sheet is completed, administrators can opt for the ‘automatic submission’ option and make sure all completed assessments are successfully submitted.

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