Who Are We?

Kotivu is a social impact educational software business located in Lagos, Nigeria. The company exist to provide affordable and innovative technology based ideas, education and support to individuals, businesses, corporations and institutions (universities and government agencies) in Nigeria and across West Africa.

Kotivu develops strategic relationships and builds its business on a returning customer base and an accumulation of educational content that can be re-purposed and re-sold. We have a balanced portfolio of clients from a variety of industry sectors with an appropriate number of local, national, and international clients.

Every employer requires well-trained, highly skilled and intelligent employees, who are highly competent in personal values and interpersonal relationships, an easy and cost-efficient way to enhance personal values and develop your team’s capabilities is via Kotivu Learn – Learning in Your Space at Your Pace.

Kotivu’s learning solution is designed for people to ‘learn while doing’; it eliminates the one-way lecturer-student traditional method of learning and introduces an interactive model where the candidate is an active participant in the learning process.


Our Mission

The principal goal of the company is client satisfaction, serving client interests as an ally and loyal business partner through provision of world-class ‘workplace’ programs at affordable prices.

Reduce Training Cost

Access Learning Resources

Standardize Learning

Learn With An Easy And Scalable Technology

Learn With A Multi Device Compatibility

Encourage Knowledge Retention And Sharing